Steve Dagleish
Bloomsbury Voices
@ Art Workers Guild
Saturday 20th Oct 2007


Art Workers Guild
6 Queen Square, Bloomsbury

Phone: 020 7278 3009

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The Guild is a society of artists, craftsmen and designers drawn together by a common interest in the interaction, development and distribution of creative skills. Together they represent and uphold a variety of views on design and stand for authenticity in a world increasingly uncertain about what is real. Authenticity is expressed in many ways, irrespective of political and stylistic ideology.

Founded originally by the leading lights of the Arts and Crafts movement in the 1890's, many of its current members uphold long established traditions of workmanship and a desire to contribute to the community. The Guild believes that art, craft and design should be invigorating and positive in outlook, at a time when much art remains alienating and self-indulgent.

These principles are manifest in the individual work of the members and are spread through teaching, research, publication and exhibitions.

The Guild has various rooms for hire, principally the great Hall which will seat up to 100 people.

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